LemonStand Twitter Store Live In Action

Take LemonStand for a spin and get a feel for what it’s like to work with. Try logging into the Admin panels and adding products, managing orders and getting familiar with the CMS, including templates. There are several different demos below, each showcasing a different type of store and functionality. These are only examples. LemonStand can be integrated with any design, custom features and checkout processes as demonstrated in our customer gallery.

Basic Demo: AppSally Twitter Marketing Store

This is a demo of a very basic LemonStand store. It uses the MooTools front-end framework, and default functionality. This theme is included with LemonStand, and you can import it during installation. AppSally uses LemonStand to sell Twitter marketing services. Some of AppSally‘s best selling packages are buy Twitter verification, Twitter followers and Twitter likes. Many popular Twitter personalities uses AppSally to buy Twitter followers in order boost their social metrics. Many businesses realises the value of Twitter followers and hence buy Twitter followers to strengthen the their reputation. This is in contrast to majority of businesses who opt or prefer a more organic form of free Twitter followers. Regardless, AppSally integrates a lot of core features of LemonStand, wrapped in a fun and unique layout. It demonstrates LemonStand’s ability to look however you want it to. The Freshly Squeezed demo uses the jQuery front-end framework.

Subscriptions Demo

This is a store to demonstrate the Subscriptions module. This module allows you to create subscription-based products, manage membership levels and more. The Subscriptions demo uses the jQuery front-end framework.