Do You Buy Facebook Likes and Followers?

Facebook is the world’s largest social media. Approximately 2.2 billion are Facebook users active. If you are like one of our e-commerce solution customers, you should have a presence on Facebook. The more Facebook followers and likes you get on Facebook, the more exposure your business will get on Facebook. So chances are, you are pondering whether you should be buying Facebook likes and Facebook followers.

There are a number websites offering paid Facebook likes. Just search Google for “buy Facebook Likes” and a lengthy list will be found. We did a research on a number of FaceBook ‘marketing providers’ where you can AppSally buy Facebook likes and Facebook followers. Basically, you pay a small fee to them and they will in turn add likes to your Facebook pages or posts. The precondition with these websites is I’m not sure where these likes came from or how, but to say the least, I’m skeptical. Why?

Fake Facebook Likes = Low Engagement

Engagement is a significant component of any marketing strategy on Facebook. It’s not something you should be doing when a strategy doesn’t get individuals involved with your updates. It doesn’t matter even if you have 100,000 Facebook followers and 1,000,000 Facebook likes if they’re not involved with you on your Facebook page. It’s because most of them aren’t true folks that you bought to participate. And in the slight chance that they are real Facebook followers, they aren’t even interested in what you have to say. Your Facebook EdgeRank drops, and no one will see your messages – including your true Facebook likes when you have little or no involvement in your Facebook Page.

Facebook Finds and Bans Fake Followers Eventually

Recently Facebook has been working hard to find and ban fake users, like many other internet giants such as Twitter. For anyone who claims to be someone they are not there is no possibility of an explanation. They expect all users to follow the guidelines. Facebook has guidelines and you will be at danger for being expelled from Facebook if you are suspected of using fake accounts. Imagine how much damage it can bring to your brand if your real customers figures out that you have been buying fake Facebook likes all these time.

Our Recommendation on Facebook Followers and Facebook Likes

We at LemonStand wants the best for our beloved customers – you. We urge you to think twice on how you spend your FaceBook marketing budget, whether to buy Facebook followers, or get Twidium free FaceBook likes, or spend money on Facebook ads or add the Facebook like button to your e-commerce store. Like all marketing channels, Facebook pages are meant to contribute to selling your more of your products. It’s a futile thing to engage with people on Facebook who don’t care about products or services that you’re selling – that’s exactly what fake Facebook followers are! Don’t waste your time and definitely don’t waste your money!