How to Amazon Reviews to Increase Sales to your Store

LemonStand supports multi marketplace including Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and many others. That means when you add your product to LemonStand, it automatically syncs to other marketplace that is connected to your store. The most popular of these is Amazon. Listing on Amazon alone is not sufficient. Having a strategy for Amazon is vital, due to intense competition on the hugely popular marketplace.

#1: Give Free Products to Get Reviews

The easiest way to receive positive reviews about your goods, is by giving free stuff on Amazon. This approach can be helpful to drive future sales and is used by active Amazon sellers for many test products for Amazon and can easily turn relatively unknown products into super popular item, driving profit right into your pockets. Here’s why:

  • Just a couple of Amazon reviews alone give more weight and rankings to your brand, and
  • This strengthens the reputation of your brand
  • Prospective buyers will be more willing without doubts to buy a highly reviewed stuff on Amazon

Tips to consider if you are going down this path, try to vary your promotion of free products on Amazon. For example:

  • Your 1st giveaway – a discounted giveaway (e.g., 2 units at 60% off)
  • The 2nd giveaway – with a high quantity (e.g., 4 units at 40% off)
  • and so on

When you do this correctly, it can help to boost your ratings, rankings and sales significantly.

#2: Buy Amazon Reviews

Reviewsub is one of the few trusted services that endorse the ethical exchange of Amazon reviews, meaning when choosing a product to review, you must choose one that you’re genuinely interested in using and is more likely to give a positive review. That means you do not buy Amazon reviews (that is against Amazon selling policies), but instead you will be trading reviews and free stuffs on Amazon with other Amazon reviewers.

Here’s why you should consider Reviewsub:

  • Multi-accounts reviews: You’ll get reviews from different accounts than the ones you reviewed—this is for your account’s safety so it doesn’t look like you’re exchanging reviews.
  • Quick jumpstart: You’ll receive faster exposure for your products—this will get more people to talk about your brand.
  • Transparency: You can verify the reviews before approving them on a proprietary dashboard.
  • Trusted source: Every user has to review first before they can get reviews, meaning there’s zero fraud.

#3: Spread Brand Awareness

It is absolutely fine to do everything in your power to spread the word regarding why people should be purchasing from you and not your competition within Amazon’s ecosystem. You can do this while running promotions or offering discounts/coupons as it will only strengthen your opportunities for more sales.

Remember, the more sales you make, the more your chances of obtaining Amazon reviews are. Make sure to keep offering quality products, optimizing your photos and listings, and responding to the questions and comments super fast.

Wrapping Up

Your potential consumers cannot pick your product up and look it over before they decide to purchase. However, they can get opinions from other people who’ve already bought from you via online reviews. Therefore, good, legit reviews make a world of difference in terms of making sales.

We hope the tips and legit methods mentioned above will help you get more Amazon reviews and increase sales in the coming future.